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  1. The league will consist of eight (8) teams per division.
  2. The league will have three (3) divisions
  3. Points accumulated will determine movement between divisions.
  4. Each will win count as two (2) points.
  5. The regular season consists of three parts, each with a double round robin.
  6. Teams will play within their division. They will play each team twice (seven weeks of games), then there will be movement between divisions, top team(s) moving up, bottom team(s) moving down. This will occur at the end of each round robin.
  7. At the start of the season new teams are generally started in the C division. However, the executive may place teams in higher divisions if appropriate (if a full team splits into two teams, each with three players, or if lower teams do not wish to move up and the new team feels they are of A or B division quality).
  8. All league matches are the best of three games, each game going up to 25 points (must win by two, no ceiling on points) using the rally point system. If there is less than 15 minutes remaining in the match, the third game shall be up to 15 points.
  9. All league final matches are the best of three games. The third game shall be up to 15 points.
  10. After the season has been completed, all teams advance to a double elimination play-off format with a champion and consolation side. (The outcome of the play-offs have no bearing on placement)
  11. If two teams end a semester with a tie record and both wish to move divisions. Their record against each other will be used to decide who moves. If they are still tied at that point, a coin will be flipped.


  1. Each team is required to have a captain and co-captain, who are required to attend all league meetings as scheduled by the president of the league, or a $25.00 fine will be levied against that team, and will be taken from their performance bond.
  2. Each team must have a performance bond of $75.00 by the league-imposed deadline.
  3. Each team must have submitted league fees and initial registration forms by the league imposed deadline, or a $25.00/week charge will be levied against the team. If the performance bond is depleted, the executive of the league will meet to determine if the team should be removed from the league. All moneys forwarded prior to will be forfeited to the league.
  4. Each new team must pay a one-time nonrefundable initiation fee of $150. The president of the league may waive this fee.
  5. Teams must ensure that their winnings are recorded within 48 hours, or they will not get credit for their wins.
  6. A team is considered to have defaulted their game and is subject to a $25.00 penalty if any of the following occur:
    • A team does not show up to play a match, without prior notification to the opposing captain at least 24 hours prior to match (at the opposing teams discretion).
    • A team does not have at least five players consisting of at least 2 members of one gender, and no more than three of the other gender.
    • A team uses a player registered in that year to another team.


  1. The league is open to all persons over the age of 16.
  2. A match win is determined to be the team that wins the best of three games.
  3. All games will go to 25 points, winning by two points.
  4. Each team must have three members of each gender on the court for all games. A team may place three members of one gender, and two of the other gender on the court in order to play a match. If a player is injured during play that day, the team may continue without the injured player without any default consequences.
  5. A regular, consistent system player of player rotation may be used during games rather than the VC/SVA rules for player rotation.
  6. Teams will be responsible for supplying their own volleyballs.
  7. Teams must be warmed up and ready to play at the indicated start times.
  8. Players may only register with one team in this league.
  9. Matches are 60 minutes in length.
  10. To avoid accidents on the court, players may not enter an adjacent court to play a ball when a match is being played or teams are warming up on the adjacent court. The ball is considered out of play.
  11. If a ball from another court enters your court, play will be stopped, and the point will be replayed.
  12. Players are allowed to set the ball on serve receive.
  13. This league plays on the honour system, and as such requires each player to call his or her own infractions.
  14. SVA co-ed volleyball rules will be in effect, unless otherwise noted.
  15. Due to insurance regulations, players are not allowed to wear hats.
  16. Penalty assessed to a team for being late:
    • 15 Minutes Late - 1 Game
    • 30 Minutes Late - The Match
  17. Time-outs are to be used as outlined in the VC/SVA rules (each team has one time out per set for 30 seconds). They will have to be timed by one of the teams on the court.